Your Donations going towards Evangelizing Tomorrow

25 Mar

We are between our quarterly HOTM meetings and we have so much going on! Last week we kicked off our first Corporal Work of Mercy series event where we bought groceries (Chicken and Rice with Saffron, Peas, and Paprika Garlic Herb Breadsticks – Chocolate Chip Cookies), made the meals for four large families in need, prayed for the recipients, and enjoyed time getting to know the new members of our group.

We kicked of our Movie series with The Way, a great movie about the Santiago de Compostela and will be joining up with the Italian Cultural Center in Minneapolis to enjoy Caravaggio and drinks afterwards at a local establishment to be determined. Please join us if you can and bring a friend!

Next we have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to kick off of a few new sections on our blog… you’ll be receiving fun new posts in the near future to learn what the new endeavors are all about. Think local, and think tasty… You’ll love it!

Then of course we are continuing our writing, editing, rewriting, and reediting, printing, and delivery to over 50 coffee shops/bars/bulletin boards/telephone polls/random windshields… posting to the blog, replying to comments, praying for our prayer list, so on and so on.  It get’s busy, and believe it or not it gets expensive. We love it and we will continue to do it but we’re reaching out to ask if you can help with a donation to our cause.

To give you an idea our costs:

Printing 625 issues  – $125/monthWeb Hosting – $25/yrGas – $25/monthGroceries for Service Work – $130Drinks after delivery – Depends how difficult the baristas were that day (Just kidding, they are always great)Feeding Terence to keep him on the move – $undeterminableLong story short, we have costs and they add up. Please consider helping. One time payments are great, and so are recurring payments!


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