Brunch with Jesus

22 Jan
Bon Vie - Eggs Benedict

Bon Vie - Best Eggs Benedict in the World?

Eating is a way in which we celebrate. Birthdays? We eat. Weddings? We eat. And there is one day we should especially celebrate and recognize every week: the Lord’s day. What is one way we celebrate? Brunch. That delightful word conjures up thoughts of sizzling bacon, fresh fruits, and bubbling mimosas. British author Guy Beringer, credited with the naming of brunch, claimed that, “Brunch is cheerful, sociable, and inciting. It is talk-compelling. It puts you in a good temper, it makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellows, and it sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week.” Granted, Beringer is promoting brunch as a hangover cure, and a later meal so one could sleep in after a night of shenanigans. Nevertheless, brunch is a ceremony of celebration. After fasting before mass, Catholics first break their fast by receiving the Holy Eucharist, filling and nourishing their soul with the graces that come with receiving Christ into their hearts. Brunch models this breaking of fast by nourishing one’s body, the tabernacle of the soul. Furthermore, it is a celebration of the Lord’s day of rest, prayer, and communion.

A well-made meal is a beautiful sight, and, as is the case of all truly and rightly ordered beauty, it turns our eyes upward and to the appreciation of goodness in our world. It is an English muffin cut in half and toasted to the right crispness, topped with thick savory ham and an egg poached to perfection with a solid exterior and soft delicious core, and the buttery lemon goodness of Hollandaise sauce gracing the top. Or the mixture of the strong taste of tomato juice with the bite of vodka, and garnished with vinegary pickles, salty olives, and a hint of Tabasco sauce. Sunday mornings after mass have become an adventure in search for the perfect place to enjoy a delicious brunch to break one’s fast, and to gather together in a ritual of celebration. Will it be Bon Vie to enjoy the best Eggs Benedict in the Twin Cities? Or to The Neighborhood Cafe to taste the flaky wrapping and cheesy spicy filling of the Original Breakfast Chimi? Or will it be to The Modern Cafe to experience a new twist to Biscuits and Gravy paired perfectly with a steaming cup of coffee?

Pizza Luce - Bloody Mary's (sake)

Pizza Luce - Bloody Mary's (sake)

Whether it is with the comfort of family, gathering with friends, or with the companionship of the warm crackle of a newspaper, break your fast and nourish your mind and body with Sunday brunch, celebrating and taking delight in the goodness of life.

Bon Vie - Saint Paul

Bon Vie - Saint Paul

-Zita Larson


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