A Whole New Meaning to “Taking a Knee”

16 Jan

A Whole New Meaning to "Take a Knee"

Tim Tebow lives! Even if he couldn’t lead his Broncos past the Patriots; he still led the Broncos on a great run. On top of that, he was voted America’s favorite athlete by the ESPN Sports Poll. What does it all mean? “It tells me they have a lot of crazy polls out there,” says Timmy himself. Touché. But it also means that America’s obsession with the charismatic quarterback continues for another chapter. What exactly is so fascinating about this devout dude.

After all, it’s not like we’ve never seen a comeback victory before and we’ve seen spiritual sports figures. We’ve certainly seen better quarterbacks. Hell, Tom Brady’s still probably better looking. Maybe it’s just the combination? Or is it something else?

It’s totally something else. How about this: when has the American public had a more authentically likeable, remarkably articulate, and socially compelling celebrity who was also unabashedly Christian, since… ever? Isn’t it ironic? A nation founded in part on Christian principles has never had a pop icon who was as Christian as he was relevant. And I’m not sure it’s ever really wanted one. This is also why Tebow might be as polarizing as he is popular.

It’s easy to see why; Americans like to keep their faith private. But Tebow likes to tell people about Jesus Christ. All the time. And yes, some people will say that it just seems a little over-the-top, and there might be some merit in that. But I’m not sure the volume of his Jesus references is what bothers and/or intrigues people the most.

As Christian as America is in a lot of ways, I’m not sure that most of these Christians really believe in Jesus Christ. Sure, they believe in God, and they like what Jesus stands for, but are they convinced that Jesus Christ is God? And are they prepared to take responsibility for what that reality entails?

Maybe not, but here’s why I think they are so fascinated by Tebow: they want to believe (even if they don’t necessarily want the responsibility!). They want a reason, and to them, Tebow is a reason. And not just because he’s winning in unlikely fashion, but because he is so absolute in his faith and yet at the same time so authentic.

That kind of absolute authenticity demands a response. And boy, is he getting one.

– Isaac Huss

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