Misremembering Advent

11 Dec

  “Alone and adrift, we ache for some sure sign that God has not forgotten us. . . Mary gives us the assurance that God has confided to us someone we can rely on who will convey to us the promise of the Lord’s saving love.” – Fr. Peter Cameron

Sometimes when my life doesn’t go the way I want it to, I begin to think that God has forgotten about me. Hello? Anyone up there? And then I reflect on what He did for me, and how Mary prepared herself to receive Him.

Mary, the Mother of God, is our sign of hope. We honor her because of her crucial role in our salvation. She bore the Son of God. She should be acknowledged for her “Yes” to the mission of God. Without her active receptivity of God’s will, we may not have been redeemed. Clearly, God has not, nor will he ever forget us.

As I prepare my heart during the Advent season, I am reminded of these truths. Advent comes from the Latin word adventus, meaning “the Lord is coming.” Jesus Christ, our brother in our humanity and our God in His divinity is about to be born. During the 4 weeks before Christmas, we prepare for His coming.

Jesus visits to us in different ways. He first comes to us with his birth in Bethlehem about 2000 years ago. But in the Church’s great feast of Christmas, we celebrate His birth each year. Furthermore, the Lord will return to judge the living and the dead in His Second Coming.

This Advent, I want to be ready for Jesus to enter into my heart in a new, more intimate way. I need Him, and I look to Mary to see how she was able to receive Him so unreservedly. She said “YES” to God when He asked her to carry His Son. And with this task would come great suffering and trial, as well as joy. How often do I respond with a great “YES” to God even within suffering? I want to be able to receive and accept Jesus in my heart, just as Mary did into her body. He came to this earth in the most vulnerable state, as a babe. And He left in the most vulnerable way, naked and crucified – all for us. He has not forgotten me. He has come and will come will continue to come for me. 

– Andrea Prisby

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