NFP… What’s That Stand For?

14 Aug

My future wife and I are moving in together the day after we get married. We know so much about each other already but what new quirks will we learn? I know she loves to run early in the morning but does she like coffee right away? Is she a human heater in bed or a freeze baby? Is she a stomach or side sleeper? We both like to pray in the morning. What are her prayers? What else do I need to figure out about her? I do not know what I need to know at this point, but that is all okay. We will figure it out as we go and as we move through the transition.
One thing is for sure, we want to have time with each other for a year or so before we bring children into our world of unknowns. After much thought and consultation, Natural Family Planning (NFP) seemed to be the best fit for our situation. NFP is exactly what is sounds like: a non-drug, science-based model of fertility awareness used to chart the woman’s cycle based on several factors. It’s the natural alternative to drug and artificial contraceptives.
My future wife and I are open to life and having a child. If God wills us to bring a life into this world, we would be delighted and we are remain open to it. However one of the reasons we have decided to use NFP is it provides us with an awareness of her fertility, and the choice to delay or achieve pregnancy. NFP has provided me with the ground work to understand where she is coming from, and has also been an excellent tool in facilitating conversation throughout this process.
The intent of our vigilance with NFP is to allow us to find out the nuances of living together as a married couple. When we use NFP to achieve pregnancy and become co-creators with the Lord, we hope to be an even stronger couple. We want to figure out what being husband and wife is, at least in a general sense, before we gain the titles of father and mother. Whether we are able to be vigilant with our practice of NFP or not, we completely trust His will and His grace for the wild journey of our future family.

For more information on NFP specifically the Creighton model check out – OR


-Joseph Olson

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