13 Jul

 Plead with your mother- plead,
For she is not my wife. –Hosea 2:2


Warm, drunk, sated, a home of sort.
Where we began was childish. Unexplored.

Cheated, tied, thirsty about something stiff.
You said no, then no. You stripped me.

Your pride-his then mine, my oil and wine.
My sighs. My time. My skin. My prime.

Tell your children I am gone.

Then- in a dream- your voice ignored in company.
To hear it twice again.
Bound and whispered to, “I have taken your food.”
Undressing me with such startling calm.

A voice to follow-not lover pursued, but timely need.

Where you led- for that I wept. For lovers, then you.
A foolish man, I could have killed you. You know that.

I said yes. You could wash me. God, it was so strange.
Hands like youth on me- my skin- bruised, proud.
It was Novel. Never old, ever new.

Held there. Tepid and bland. Shivering.
Something awful, but You could have let go.
I would have stayed.


5 Responses to “Untitled”

  1. Mike Lyden July 19, 2011 at 11:33 am #

    Hello! Found your 9 July issue while at Nina’s cafe in St. Paul. I’d like to commend you for your attempt to engage others to “rediscover Catholocism”. As a returning Catholic, back for about 20 years now, I have a real soft-spot in my heart for this topic! I really enjoyed Nell Alt’s article Being Fully Present As A New Mother, her advice could be adapted for new dad’s. It was her “mindfulness” to her new child that was very appealling. Gretchen Sonnen’s article was also very good. However, Untitled left me Unimpressed. Each article should, in it’s way, support the “rediscovering”. Untitled was most odd. Looking forward to the next issue at Nina’s. Mike Lyden

    • Novice Natural Mama July 21, 2011 at 4:31 pm #

      Dear Mike,

      So glad you liked the article about being present as a parent (yes, although I did write as a mother, it certainly applies to fathers as well). Children are such a gift! And it’s so easy to forget that and lose track of what really matters as a parent: cultivating your child’s souls (not getting all the work in life done on time).

      Happy to have you as a member of The Heart of the Matter readership. Hope you enjoy our future issues as well!

      God bless,

    • The Heart of the Matter Blog July 21, 2011 at 4:51 pm #

      Mike, thank you very much for picking us up and having a read at Nina’s. We’ve found that our publication goes fast at that location. If you don’t find one to read in early August you can always take a look here on the blog where all the articles can be found. Subscribe by email and get them in your inbox as well! By the way, welcome home! Glad you enjoyed what we had to write. The poem written for this particular article was part of our art outreach. We’re hoping to not appear as barbaric evangelizers alone, rather, somewhat cultured barbaric evangelizers! Thanks for the criticism.

    • Emily July 21, 2011 at 6:37 pm #

      Hi Mike!
      I have to echo that it’s great to hear some feedback. And I do believe that good poetry should not require explanation (as is the case with fine art), so I will accept that as a challenge to grow as a writer! The poem is called “Gomer” (at least as it appears in my college-ruled notebook within which it was scratched), after the unfaithful wife of the prophet Hosea. The poem was deliberately written as a reflection on the ecclesiology and spiritual reality of the people of God as sinners, who (in that great merciful mystery) comprise the spotless bride of Christ, the Church. Hosea’s marriage to Gomer was in God’s wisdom an anguish that could best parallel God’s pain at the “harlotry” of his people, Israel. So…why include this in The Heart of the Matter? I don’t know. I figure there are some whose soul-journey has as many ups and downs, proclamations of fidelity followed by careless idol worship as mine. The Church’s understanding of the personal soul (as well as Holy Mother Church) as “bride” is both terrifying (to sinners such as myself) and a profound call to fidelity which is spousal in its most basic sense. Again, thank you for your feedback!

  2. Nicole Thomason July 21, 2011 at 4:19 pm #

    Dear Mike Lyden,
    The very fact that you wrote a response impresses me greatly. It shows me you are attentive, caring, driven, thoughtful, and hopeful! May you be blessed for sharing your ideas and thoughts. Please help spread the word about the good, true, and beautiful and building authentic culture! Our Church needs many more fruitful actions such as yours!
    Nicole Thomason

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