First Publication Party

21 Jun
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First Publication Party, a set on Flickr.

Our first Publication is out… we are official. Thanks to Terence, Zita, and Elliot for taking the day to drive around and drop it at coffee shops in the twin cities area. Also thank you much to the authors and editors. Now get your next articles in!! Deadlines, people… deadlines!!


Drop Locations

Nina’s (Cathedral hill)
Uncommon Ground (Uptown)
Coffee News (Mac.Groveland)
Dunn Bros. (Mac. Groveland, University, Downtown Minneapolis)
Coffee Bene (both locations)
Former White Rock (in Highland)
Berry’s (fairview and Randolph)
Kilted Coffee (Uptown)
Starbucks (Uptown, Highland, MacGroveland)
Caribou (Uptown, Highland, MacGroveland)
Black Dog (Lowertown)
Jarabeks (distric del sol)
Former Pandora (uptown)
Trotter’s Cafe (near UST)
The Living Room (near UST)

If you want it be added at a location near you email us

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